Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Christmas Trick

Last Christmas something happened that helped me so much with my Christmas shopping that I decided I would post about it this year. I asked Russ to put something into the back of the van in a black outside trash bag, so that the kids wouldn't see it. The bag ended up getting left in the back of the van, and that was the great accident. For the rest of December, anytime I bought something and had it in the van when kids were in there, I would just stash it in the black bag until we got home and I could remove it surreptitiously. (No, I did not know how to spell that without spell-check!) The kids were never interested in what looked like a big bag of trash, and who could blame them. It came in handy several times, and so this year I'm going to put a black trashbag in the back of all of the cars!


  1. GREAT idea- Eric just went snooping through a bag with some presents for him in it because he noticed it was from the Duck shop- so aggravating....next time I'll be ready with my trash bag!

  2. That is SUCH a good idea. Parker has already spotted Target and Toys R Us bags "hidden" on the top of bookshelves and in our closet. I'm totally going to trash bag it next time!

  3. Great idea! Be careful though. they might get the notion that it is taco salad and open it up!!!