Thursday, November 11, 2010

Has Harry Potter Been Watching Too Much Glee??

Last year a rumor sprang up on the internet that there would be sex and nudity in the final Harry Potter movie.  But then, as quickly as it started it died.  Cindy Lynn and I each looked for more info this summer as we became more excited about the upcoming movie, but could only find references from early December, 2009.

And so we relaxed, stopped worrying about it, and started making plans to go and see Harry Potter 7(a).

Perhaps a little too soon.

One of my friends just called with the info that she had heard on a local talk show that the new movie has nudity and is "very sexy."   So back to google I went.

Here's what I've been able to find.

First, that Lindsay Lohan is apparently naked everywhere.

From IMDB:  Other issues include an unusual sequence in which we see a vision, conjured by Voldemort in order to taunt Ron, of an apparently naked Harry and Hermione embracing and kissing. Any detail of nudity is carefully concealed by angles and by the swirling mists of the vision but nudity is strongly implied. This sequence is containable at '12A' where the Guidelines state that 'nudity is allowed, but in a sexual context must be brief and discreet'.

And from this review in the UK, where the movie opens today:  Now, all of a sudden, Harry’s dancing with Hermoine, and Ron’s jealous, particularly when he has to witness a fantasy (topless!) clinch between his two best friends.

I could see when I finished the book this weekend just where such a scene would be--but there was no need to include nudity or sex, in my (incredibly humble) opinion.  It just makes me sick.  We have been planning for weeks a family outing to see the movie, and had finally decided that Rachel, Jenna & Jared could come see it with us.  We didn't let them see any of the other movies in the theater, and didn't let them see 5 until this summer after they'd read it with Russ because it was so dark.  But we thought that since they've listened to all of the books now, and they're a little older, they would be ok.

Guess not.  And it's also quite possible that we won't be buying this one either.

We'll know more tomorrow, after people in the UK start talking about what really is in the movie.  I'm just sick at this point--hating Hollywood more than ever.  And a little irritated with JK Rowling for not protecting her movie better...

Does anyone want to trade babysitting while we go preview this movie??


  1. JK Rowling has absolutely no control over the movie... all she can do is advise, but she can't make them do or not do anything.

    I'm totally sick about this too.... grr!!!

  2. Oh, though I will say that the "very sexy" is just a quote from the director from the 2009 stuff.

  3. Ugh. Why do they have to ruin perfectly good movies with this stuff!? Could it be that the U.S. version won't have the scene? Doesn't that sometimes happen? Since we're so conservative and moral over here:).

    As a side note, I saw the preview for 127 hours- the movie about the guy who cut his arm off....and it looked really good, but of course, is rated R- darn. I may need to make friends with someone with one of those editing DVD players...

  4. Maybe it's a good thing I couldn't get a ticket for midnight :P

  5. If you find a babysitter, let's get a group together to go check it out!