Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Blue Screen of Death

There are all sorts of fascinating and entertaining blog posts rolling around in my head.  Really, there are.

But this morning when I turned on my computer it did this

which worried me

until it did this

and I thought everything would be ok

and then it finished with this.

The dreaded blue screen of death.

So for now I am going to go experiment with new pie crust recipes, some of which include lard.  My kids are grossed out by that but I'm told it makes a flakier crust.  We shall see. 

And hopefully Russ will be able to figure out how to once again extend my poor old laptop's life.  (He's already extended it once, by hooking it into a docking station after the case completely broke!)

Until then, happy eating!


  1. Hopefully it will hold on until I leave!

  2. We saw those screens way too often before Bryan finally reformatted our home computer. Good luck!

  3. Sorry for your computer woes. Lard rules though. It makes great cooking better. Just don't tell your kids that you're using it. Hope you guys are doing well!