Monday, November 29, 2010

My Earring Storage Solution

I love earrings.  I mean, I really really love earrings.  I don't often wear other jewelry, but I wear earrings a lot.  I used to keep them in a jewelry box, but then my collection outgrew the box.  One year we bought Cindy Lynn a nice earring organizer for Christmas.  When she accidentally left it home after she got married I adopted it and have happily used it for several years.  But in the back of my mind I knew that at some point she was going to want it back...and I really wanted a jewelry organizer that didn't need to sit on the bathroom counter.

Several weeks ago I spent some time searching the internet for earring organizers.  I learned that there wasn't much that was new since I bought Cindy Lynn's.  (Which looks like this, in case you're interested.)

After looking and looking I decided that there really weren't any better options.  So today I made my own earring organizer.

I started with a bulletin board that one of the kids wasn't using any more.  I went to my fabric closet (yes, my fabric collection has a closet of it's own!) and picked out a piece of fabric that I liked that didn't have a lot of contrast to it.  Then I grabbed the spray adhesive and some scissors and took it all outside to the porch.

I sprayed the bulletin board with adhesive, then laid my fabric on and smoothed it out.  Initially I'd planned to cut the fabric out but instead I decided to just wrap the fabric around the edges to the back, where I sprayed more adhesive to hold the fabric down.  It's not fancy, but I wasn't after fancy as much as functional.

After everything had dried I took my quilting ruler and used it to put straight pins in the bulletin board.  I put them 1 1/2" apart horizontally, and about 2 1/2" apart vertically.  I made several rows for earrings, and then the last row for necklaces I made about 6" from the bottom.  After I got the spacing right I loaded it up with my earrings.  It look great, it's out of the way, and now Cindy Lynn can have hers back!


  1. Wow..great project! And, a finished one...which is always good! :)(Since I'm still working on 3 at this point!)

  2. Awesome! And I totally did not realize you had been using MY hanger. I figured it had just disappeared somewhere! I thought you had gotten yourself one at the same time.... well, I'm glad that I'll get it back!!!

  3. I am so impressed! It looks great, and I'm a big fan of wall storage- easy to grab and a lot less likely to become a big jumbled mess in a dark drawer. If I ever get more than 4 pairs of earrings, I'll remember this post!

  4. I love that!!!! I was just mentioning to my girls last week that digging through my jewelery box to find matching earrings was getting VERY old.