Monday, November 8, 2010

Harry, Harry, Harry...

I finished reading HP7 yesterday, while I was home from church with sick Jared.  I broke my own rule in doing it; normally I only read church stuff on Sunday.  But I had put the book down at 11:30 the night before in the middle of the last battle, knowing I couldn't sleep in late because I had a meeting.  And I just couldn't wait until today to finish it.  Call me weak if you's the truth.

The ending was more painful and wonderful than I remembered.  (Not that I remembered much, other than the general outcome.)  It was so good that today I've been re-reading the last 200 pages to make up for reading so fast yesterday.

Saturday night we started our celebration of the upcoming release of HP7(a) with the beginning of our HP movie maratho--HP1.  I had forgotten how perfectly awful (and I do mean perfect!) the Dursley's were, how cute everyone's British accents are, and it was much better than I remembered.  Tonight for family night we're watching #2, and by Saturday we will be watching #6.

I watched all of the movies over again in preparation for going to see #6 in the theater; most I had only seen once before.  I love being so completely immersed in the world of Harry Potter.  I love the continuity of reading all of the books in a very short time, of watching all of the movies one right after another.  (Though Jared is so disappointed we can't do a Lord of the Rings type marathon and watch all day long--darn school and jobs!)  I love the story of friendship and the triumph of good over evil, even with the sad reminder that that triumph was never achieved without great personal cost.

I just love Harry Potter!  When are you going to see the new movie???


  1. All I have to say is that if my husband was allowed to watch Star Wars on his mission, I'm not going to feel guilty about reading Harry Potter any darn time I want! And speaking of Eric, he wants to know if you're going to reread the books AGAIN before 7(b) comes out?:) I am with you all the way- I love Harry Potter and can't wait to see the movie!

  2. Are you going to the midnight showing? ;) And I remember when the seventh book came out, I was reading like a madwoman while packing up our Denver life, and read on the way to church, and thought about Harry's predicament through church, and then read it on the way home . . . I admit it, I just had to know what happened! But, I did NOT take the book into the church with me!

  3. Just finished book 7 15 minutes ago. I woke up early to read, then when I got home I read until it was almost too dark to go out walking, then I ran on my walk so I could get home and finish! Now I am finished and very satisfied.
    And... I finally came out from the lurkers and commented.

  4. Midnight showing, not for us this time. Midnight showings are for Lord of the Rings and maybe Star Wars, but probably not while doing this whole seminary thing. Makes me feel like we have a newborn in the house (minus the diapers/bottles/crying). :)