Thursday, November 4, 2010

Looks Like an Addict, Acts Like an Addict, Eats Like an Addict…it’s official, I’m an Addict!

A few weeks ago Cindy Lynn blogged about dehydrating apples.  I decided that maybe we should try it too, and borrowed an apple slicer/corer and dehydrator from Becky.

How could I have known the mayhem that would ensue? 

My name is Cindy, and I am ADDICTED to dried apples.

I like them with cinnamon, and without.

I don’t like to eat Gala apples, but I sure like them dried!

And it turns out my favorite Cameo apples are pretty delish when they’re dried.

I got curious, and bought a few of every kind of apple.  (Ok, it wasn’t every kind…it was just a lot of kinds!)  Then I put my children to work slicing.  (Just so you know, they beg to slice the apples.)

October 2010 184

We labeled plates with the type of apples and set them out along the counter for tasting.

October 2010 186

Everyone liked the Fuji and Braeburn apples.  I was the only one who liked the Honeycrisp apples.  Then we loaded the dehydrator and marked the trays so we’d know which kind was which.

In the end, I loved all of the dried apples.  The sweet Gala.  The sweet-tart Cameo.  The less tart but still interesting Fuji and Braeburn.  The Staymen that were almost strong enough to knock your socks off. 

All delicious.

Yum, yum, yum.

(Did you know that if you eat too many dried apple pieces you get a mouthful of canker sores??  Yep.  Quite painful, actually.)


P.S.  Yesterday we took a field trip to the farmer’s market to get some more apples.  They had so many varieties!  We bought some Pink Ladies to dry, and also a variety that I’ve not heard of before.  It’s called Candycrisp, and is so sweet and juicy it’s almost to good to be good for you.  Guess what we’re drying today?!?


  1. How fun!! I haven't dried fruit in oh 15 years, I think. What a perfect rainy day activity for you all today.

  2. This makes me miss home so bad...

  3. Sounds delicious to me! {All except the canker sores. =P But apparently it must be worth it because you're still going strong. ;)} Are you going to be able to save any to enjoy during the winter? =)

  4. Winter! Ha! We'll be lucky if they last into next week.

  5. I bet your house smells wonderful!