Monday, November 4, 2013

Catch up blogging --post about Olivia's visit & great starfish pictures

Friends,  I have so many unblogged about things that need to be caught up on that it is positively making me twitchy.  So I am committed to applying myself over the next few days and trying to get more caught up on my life.  I know it doesn’t matter to anyone else in the world, but I want to have a record that is, among other things, an account of our family experiences together.

Ordinarily when I blog something late it just stays where it lands, but since I’m going to try to get a bunch of out of date stuff done I’m going to stick it in chronologically.  On the off chance that anyone else is interested in checking out what I’m blogging, I’m going to put links in this post.

Go me!

Olivia's Visit

Saying Goodbye to Jason
Taylor Swift!

Cindy Lynn & Kate's Fall Visit
Roses, Roses, Everywhere
Other Oregon Adventures with Cindy Lynn & Kate
(Divine Summer Plans)

Family Hike
Concussion Hike

Delicate Arch
Sand Dune & Landscape Arch
Moab Miscellany


  1. Thank you for posting this list! I've found it very helpful to go straight to the posts that I've missed instead of scrolling through every post. =)

    (And if I ever get around to updating past happenings on our blog, I will want them to be in chronological order, too -- though I might start with them in the order I post them and then edit the dates after I think people have seen them. But your idea is really so much better!)

  2. Catching up on blogging is the worst. I'm feeling proud that I'm nearly done with August. Sigh.

    Good for you for your diligence! I will catch up on reading them all one of these days too!