Friday, September 6, 2013

Moab #7—Moab Miscellany

First of all, Kate.  Who wasn’t miscellany at all, and was totally the star of the show.  We loved having her there, and Cindy Lynn & Mahon were amazing in their ability to get out and hike with her.




Josh celebrated his 18th birthday, refusing again to have a cake.  We subbed with cookie dough, always a favorite.


As always, we played signs.  Though my opinion would be that this was too many people for signs.


These boys had a lot of fun together.  Dinosaurs, dorks…whatever!


Cindy Lynn took pictures of Elise for her mission picture.


Here is the note we would have found on our van if we had known that we needed to look for the van.


I took 2 pictures of Josh after I knew that he was ok.  Before that it was too scary. 


Josh spent the evening & night in our super comfy master bed so that we could keep a good eye on him.  We had to wake him up every few hours to make sure that nothing had changed.


I had to have a little moment of fun with Alisyn and show that I could walk around in a towel even if we weren’t at the beach.


One of the really fun things we did that there are no pictures of is watch for shooting stars.  We were pretty close to the apex of the perseid meteor shower and the sky was so dark there.  One of the strange things that happened there was that I somehow lost my regular glasses (I was wearing my prescription sunglasses everywhere we went) and so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to see the shooting stars, but it turned out that while the night sky was a little blurry, I could see the meteors just fine.  And they were lovely.  We had a great time sitting out on the little patio staring up at the sky.

There was a lot of ice cream that still needed to be eaten when it was time to check out.


On the way out of town Ken took Josh by the BMX bike place to take a picture of where his accident was.


We stopped for lunch in Price, along with half the civilized world.  We ended up eating outside on the sidewalk.  And I forgot to get Josh a sandwich.  Fortunately Ken loved him more than I did and took him across the street to Arbys.  (The line at subway was enormous.)


Driving through Spanish Fork Canyon on the way home we saw the beginnings of what turned into a big forest fire.  We were glad when we saw police cars gathering so we knew that it had been seen by more people than us.


The kids really passed out on the way home.


Here are the two Christmas Ornaments we got this year.  Cindy Lynn picked them out because I was back at the condo taking care of concussed Josh.  (The second one is meant to be funny.  Or at least ironic.)

DSC_1238DSC_1239 (2)

Looking at these pictures again has been such fun.  So much has happened since our Moab vacation (concussion, vomiting, Jason, vomiting, camping, hiking, concussion) that I haven’t thought a lot about it.  But looking at the pictures and writing about the things we did and the fun we had made me happy all over again.  We are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends and family and such great opportunities!


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  1. So fun! Can you dropbox your pics and videos of Kate t me?