Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Moving On

Dear Missionary Moms (and Dad),

My son has come home from Vina del Mar, entertained us with us his lilting
Chilean-influenced English, given us his Chilean gifts, spoken in Sacrament
meeting about the gospel principles he gained a testimony of while on his
mission, given a fireside about his mission with lots of great slides (a
great tradition in our ward), gone on a campout at the coast with us, gone
hiking with us, and yesterday I put him on the plane to BYU.  I just got a
text from him saying that he's in his apartment, has a parking pass, is
trying out for a choral group today, and still needs to go hang out with
his new niece.

When this missionary journey started two years seemed like such a long
time.  I would never have understood that each week would fly by and I
would find myself, every Sunday night, wracking my brains for what to write
to him about the proceeding week.  I would never have understood how much I
would love hearing from him every Monday, and how worried I would be the
one Monday the email didn't come.  I knew that he would probably change and
grow as a result of his mission, but seeing it was so much better than I
could have imagined.  And I knew that the 16 days he would have here with
us before he left for school would go by fast, but the reality seems like a
blur.  Today I am kind of sad and will probably need to eat some
chocolate.  And wear my Chilean lapis lazuli earrings.

I wanted to say thank you to all of you for what you have added to this
journey for me.  I encourage everyone who is going to have a missionary to
get on a missionary email list.  This group of moms is the greatest support
and resource a missionary mom could ever have.  Every question and worry
I've ever had someone here has been able to help me with.  All that and Sue

I will be signing off of the email list soon.  Our homeschool year starts
next week and our 13 year old triplets are going to need some more
attention from me.  But I will always be grateful for this time with you!!
Cindy Ray
Elder Jason Ray, Vina del Mar, 8/11-8/13

IMG_7245Jason getting ready to take the MAX to the airport.

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