Friday, September 20, 2013

Makes my heart happy


When I went to BYU I knew NO ONE in Utah.  Ok, not quite no one.  I had just met a second cousin at a family reunion and got a ride out to Provo with him.  So hey, I had known him for about 48 hours.  And my dad had a cousin living in Provo that he told me I could call if I needed help.  But really—it was just me, on my own.

It’s been interesting to watch the seismic shift that’s happened in my family over the last 30 years.  My second year at BYU there was a cousin there.  (Who I knew.) When my sister Margaret came to BYU she wasn’t alone because I was there.  The same for Val and Andra.  Both Margaret and Andra married men who planned to live in Utah.  And then the really shocking thing happened—some of our aunts & uncles moved to Utah.  First one family, then another, and by the time my dad and Ramona moved to Utah a few years ago they were the last of his family to arrive.  It’s been astounding to see this southern family entirely relocate to Utah, and I finally decided that Utah must be where Mormons go to die.

Last year Mahon and Cindy Lynn joined the Utah group when he got a new job in American Fork.  I know she’s enjoyed being able to see more of the family nearby, and she’s been waiting anxiously for Jason to get home from his mission and start school at BYU again.  Well he did and he did and I think they are both loving being so near each other.  Last night I saw this snippet of conversation on facebook:


I was surprised at the flash of joy this gave me—that my children are in a place where there are plenty of people who know and love them, people who watch out for them, who do favors for them, who care about them.  And now that my children have each other.  It just made my mommy heart happy…


  1. I am so with you!!! I was all alone and pretty scared I might add when I first went to BYU and now my kids have my sister, grandparents and Jeff's brother's family. So many people and so little time, but it is so wonderful that there are people there to help them and to love them!!! What a different experience!

  2. That would have made my heart happy, too. So glad they choose to be together.

    And you weren't alone at BYU. I was there, remember? IN YOUR WARD?

  3. We love having Jason back :) Mahon just made him a loaf of artisan bread to take back tonight!