Saturday, September 28, 2013

Crazy Week

So…one day I really am going to blog about my accident.  It’s on my to-do list.  But in the meantime, life keeps moving along.  This week quite a bit of what was scheduled was a result of the accident.  With a couple of other things mixed in, it added up to a seriously insane week:

  • Monday 7AM –ultrasound to check something found on ER CT scan
  • Monday 9AM—gyn appointment to talk about ultrasound results (all clear—yay!)
  • Tuesday 7AM—physical here at home for Russ for new life insurance policy (including EKG on the couch!)
  • Tuesday 7:30AM—my turn for physical.  One of the few times I wish I was a man is when I have to pee in a cup.
  • Tuesday 9AM—my first time back to curves since I sprained my ankle in June
  • Tuesday 4:30PM—appointment with my primary care doc to schedule an MRI to check on something else found on ER CT scan
  • Wednesday 8:30AM—Josh’s appointment with maxillofacial specialist to make sure he’s ok after his biking accident.  Thankfully everything is ok, and I think I’m glad I didn’t know some of that stuff beforehand.
  • Wednesday 2PM—teeth cleaning for me, Rachel, Jenna, & Jared
  • Thursday 10AM—Jared get braces, Rachel short ortho visit
  • Thursday 3PM—haircut for me
  • Thursday 4PM—chiropractic appointment for me to deal with ongoing neck soreness/stiffness since accident
  • Friday 9:30AM—Rachel gets 2 teeth pulled out to be ready for braces next week
  • Friday 11:30AM—FINALLY SOME FUN FOR ME!!  I went on a riverboat excursion in Portland for a couple of hours with two friends
  • Friday 6PM—leave for the temple
  • Friday 10:45PM—get back from the temple, melt into little puddle of exhaustion on the floor.

Next week is looking a lot better.  So far the schedule just has the MRI, Rachel’s braces, another trip to the chiropractor for me & Josh both, and some trips to Curves.  But it’s going to take me a while to recover from this week!


  1. Nothing suck the energy out of me like appointments. Just the stress of having to remember them, get there on time, and deal with kids while there (which a friend recently likened to "swimming in a pool of acid'), is enough to make me want to cry thinking about it!

  2. I need a nap just reading that list!