Monday, September 16, 2013

Other Oregon Adventures

The other outing day that Cindy Lynn and I went on was to see waterfalls and also the Bonneville Dam.  The girls and I had been to see the dam last summer at a time when the salmon weren’t really running (swimming upstream), but had seen some really cool creature called the lamprey.  (If you want to see them in action, there’s also a video here.)  I hoped with Cindy Lynn we’d be able to see both lampreys and salmon, but we didn’t see any lampreys this time.  There sure were a lot of fish though!DSC_1740

We sat and watched the fish swimming in the fish ladders for quite a while, sometimes seeing just one at a time and sometimes seeing whole groups.  DSC_1749 DSC_1743

Kate was as much fun to watch as the fish.


We had to laugh when we saw this at the Dam.  When I downloaded the pictures and looked at this more closely I wished I had zoomed out more when I took the picture.  Because it looked like the comments were pretty great.


After we were done at the dam we drove to the nearest waterfall, Horsetail Falls.


I had hoped we could do the short hike up to the next falls (because you can walk behind it which is so cool) but I’d misread the info.  Instead of being .2 miles, it was .4 miles.  And since this was only about 3 weeks after my concussion, I didn’t think I was up to walking a mile, especially up & downhill. 


Just down the road from Horsetail falls is Oneata Gorge, so we stopped there and took a few pictures.  I texted one to Russ and said that Cindy Lynn, Kate, and I were going go to go on the hike.  He texted back and said that he would go ahead and call the ambulance ahead of time.


(Just in case you’re wondering—I thought at first that I wanted to go back and try this hike again next year, and just be more careful.  But after blogging about it last week, which made me pretty sick to my stomach, I decided that there are lots of other waterfalls in Oregon and still more in Washington, and I think I’ll concentrate on seeing more of those and leave this one alone.)


Kate was pretty tired by the this point but I wanted to stop at Multnomah Falls so that Cindy Lynn could see it up close and also so that I could find a Christmas ornament to commemorate our family hike with Jason that ended there.

  DSC_1788 DSC_1763

After that Cindy Lynn, Kate, and I were all tired so we called it a day and headed home.


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