Sunday, September 15, 2013

Book Binge


I’ve been taking a lot of hot baths at night lately, trying to soak away some of the pain and discomfort caused by falling while hiking a couple of weeks ago and getting a concussion and breaking a rib.  (Full story to come later.  I promise.)  For me reading in the bathtub is a given, but one of the side effects of the concussion is that I am physically more tired and cognitively tired as well.  This means that the non-fiction I read more often has a tendency to shut my brain down pretty quickly, so I’ve looked for other things to read in the tub.  You know, books like Edenbrooke, and The House at Rose Creek, and Wednesdays in the Tower, and the first two Hunger Games books because my kids were reading them last week, and a Gail Carson Levine book just because Jenna was reading it.

When I stopped to record all of this bath-time reading on Goodreads it made me laugh.  I’d blown through a lot of books in just a little more than a week, justifying my reading time as being good for my sore muscles.  In retrospect I think it’s been a total binge.  (Binge: a short period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess.)  It’s been escape for my tired and overwhelmed brain, escape for my sore back and neck, and it’s been delightful.  And do you know what…I think it’s bath time again!

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  1. So have you found that some of your kids love reading more than others? Brigham and I are definitely the bookworms of the family. Eric Jr. will read, but only very specific books and only if I really push him. It will be interesting to see about the girls. I remember loving to read really clicking for me around 9- with the Ramona books:). Anyway, just curious about whether have to/ feel the need to/think it's a good idea to push kids to read....