Friday, September 6, 2013

Moab #3—Canyonlands

We decided that in addition to visiting Arches this year with the Rogersons we would go check out Canyonlands.  We enjoyed our hike there seeing the really amazing sights.  The colors were incredible.  And I thought the canyon looked like a giant rooster had stepped there.  The kids had a great time climbing on everything that could be climbed on, and occasionally an adult climbed too.

One of the funny Canyonlands moments came when we hiked to see Mesa Arch.  There was another family there who was French speaking.  We talked to them for a minute because Abigail would get extra credit for her French class if she recorded a native speaker.  When we commented to the French woman that there were sure a lot of European people in Moab, she told us how unhappy she was about it.  She had come to America to be around Americans, not French people!



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  1. Cindy, your kids are looking so, so grown up. That picture of Jenna laying on the rock with the canyons behind her is stunning!