Sunday, September 1, 2013

Taylor Swift!


Before we left North Carolina the girl’s assistant Girl Scout leader made their day (week/month/year/life!) when she told me that she wanted to give the girls tickets to a Taylor Swift concert in Oregon.  For months and months the girls watched her website to see when concert dates were announced.  The day that the tickets arrived in the mail was a red-letter one and we marked the big day on the calendar: August 31st.

In the beginning we’d planned that I would go with the girls, but once I was concusssed and my ears were ringing or echoing all the time it didn’t seem like a good idea.  Russ got to take them instead.

For their birthday they both got Taylor Swift t-shirts to wear to the concert.    IMG_7246

They rode the MAX into Portland to the concert venue where they took lots of pictures.


They said that the concert was AMAZING and WONDERFUL and SO MUCH FUN!!!


Russ said that the concert was SUPER LOUD but a REALLY AMAZING SHOW.

(I was happy to be home in my bed.)

Thank you forever, Miss Wendy!!!

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