Friday, November 29, 2013


One of the things we were so excited for the kids to be able to do at school here in Oregon last year was band.  The band practiced for an hour 3 mornings a week starting at 7AM.  Thank goodness Russ was willing to take them and drop them off at school on his way home from work!

The elementary school band teacher, Mr. Allen, was terrific.  He did such a good job of teaching all of the kids how to play their instruments and how to read notes and count music.  DSC_4844

At their first concert the songs they played were all very simple, with every student playing the same note as every other student.  (File MVI_4643 Christmas) By the end of the year they could play so much more complex music.  (File DSC_4831)


The middle school has two bands, an intermediate band and an advanced band.  Typically the students coming in from the elementary school are put in the intermediate band, especially if they have only played one year at the elementary school.  When I was talking to the counselor, though, we realized that if the kids were put in the intermediate band the girls wouldn’t be able to sing in the choir the second semester, so she decided to put them in the advanced band. 

[One nice thing for our kids as homeschoolers is that the 7th grader counselor decided they could take 2 credits of electives instead of the 1 elective credit that full time students get to take.  Band is one credit, and the girls will are taking art the first semester and chorus the 2nd, while Jared is taking computers the first semester and shop the second.]

I wondered how they would do in the advanced band, but figured that one way or the other they would survive.  Well, they have done more than survive. 

IMG_7805Jenna is the first chair flute, Rachel is 5th (out of 9), and Jared is the first of the two alto saxes.  And I could not believe their sound at their recent concert—they’ve come a long way in a year.

For some reason I can’t get blogger to upload the video link…  but if you want to hear them in their recent concert here they are. . (And hopefully we will never see Jenna take her flute apart during a song again!)


  1. That is so cool! I'm way happy for them :D

  2. Oh my gosh- this brings back memories of high school band! Fun, fun times- so glad they get to do this!