Sunday, November 3, 2013

Things that make us happy

My cool cousin Emily posted a message on facebook recently.  For a project in her graphic design program she needed to collect lists of things that make people happy. I LOVED reading the lists that people left for her.  I was surprised at how much happiness it brought me to think about the things that made me happy, and I was really surprised at how happy it made me to read other people’s happy lists.

A few days later she sent me a message and said that she was building an artifact made of post it notes, each with something on it that makes someone happy.  The day before this message I had been at the dollar store and had seen some really cute post it notes.  So (despite the fact that I already own a life-time supply of post it notes!) I went back to the dollar store and got them.  Then during school one day we wrote down things that make us happy. 

Again, I was surprised at how happy it made me to read the things that my kids had written that made them happy.  And in the end before I could stack them up and send them all off to Emily, I had to take a picture so that I’d be able to remember all of these things that make us happy.


What a great way to start November!


PS—my favorites?  “Talking in a British Accent” and “family….sometimes”!!!


  1. I think my favorites are "family (sometimes)" and "talking in a British accent". ;)

  2. So cool! Did Megan ever tell you her sister's british accent story? It is one for the ages:). My list:

    my kids' artwork
    great babysitters
    downton abbey
    southern accents