Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Week

We’ve had all sorts of Halloween fun this week.  We’ve had Halloween Hair,


while playing on the Halloween ukelele.


(We had other hair fun as well.)

IMG_7677IMG_7678photo 1photo 2

We had Halloween Food,


and we had Halloween Pumpkins (aka Jack O Lanterns).


And of course we had Halloween Costumes.

Jenna’s new costume wasn’t ready for the first party so she wore last year’s costume.


Rachel had ordered her Catwoman costume online, but Jenna asked me to make her a Pikachu costume.  It was ready for the trunk or treat the next day.



Josh wore his horse head and crazy shirt to a Halloween Party.  Jared decided to skip dressing up and didn’t go trick or treating this year.  (Though he is regretting that a little now that the girls have candy and he doesn’t.)  The girls wore their costumes to school as well.  (The kids go to the middle school every afternoon for band and art/computer class.)  It sounds like Jenna got lots of positive attention for her costume.


So there you have it—it’s been a fun Halloween week.

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  1. The horse head might just be stuck in my head for a while....very....effective!

    I keep wondering when the dressing up will stop....seems like middle school is not the time....desire for candy still too strong? Part of me wants it to stop so there's one less costume to worry about, but a stronger part wants them to be kids for as long as they want!