Sunday, October 20, 2013



The other day I drove several times past this row of trees, splendidly colored against the blue sky and shining in the late afternoon sun. 

Just a minute down the road another group of trees stood with bare branches. Yesterday’s beautiful leaves now covered the ground beneath them.

As I drove past the bare trees I realized I was thinking “wouldn’t it be better if all of the fall colors turned at the same time, so that the whole world was beautiful all at once.”

But then I realized that if I got my way, while it would be spectacular in that moment, the moment would be over and gone so fast.

This way there is beauty this week over here and down there, and then next week somewhere else.  The beauty is drawn out over weeks and weeks, and I search for each new display like a treasure hunt around town.

As all of these thoughts ran through my head I realized that, once again, this was an analogy for my life.  I have experienced so many beautiful situations in my life.  But invariably as one situation has changed or ended I have been frustrated.  Even if there were plenty of other good things still in my life, I haven’t wanted to let go of anything. 

I realized that my life is a lot like this season I’ve been watching.  A beautiful experience over here, then a new and different one over there.  Good things happening in one area of my life, then later in another.  I can see that if I am willing to let go of my desire to hold on to everything forever, I can appreciate the fact that there is some beauty in my life all of the time.  And be grateful for God’s careful sequencing…