Saturday, October 26, 2013


It rained quite a bit early in September.  That caught me off guard.  Made me think that the good weather was over and the long gray season had already begun.  So it was a delightful and unexpected surprise when the sun came back out, and stayed.  And stayed. 

Every week I think will be the end of the sunshine.  And each new sunshiny day is like a special treat—I savor it like I do a day of beach vacation, with the need to soak it all in and store it up to get me through the days that lie ahead.

Each sunny day I have thought, “Thank you, Lord, for one more day of sunshine.” 

And I mean it.



PS—rain followed by sunshine seems to have a consistent result….mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere!

These aren’t too bad—they’re scattered through the grass and look almost like leaves.


There are way too many of these, and they’re probably about 4 inches across.


And these!  These are HUGE and right by our back door!


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