Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Colors

One of the things that is beautiful about Oregon is fall.  I know, I know.  I resist it’s coming with all my might.  But once it’s here I sure do love watching it.  Today was a great example—I turned on the street just before ours and happened to turn and look in a different direction.  The tree I saw literally took my breath away. IMG_4402

I came out of Costco last week on a sunny day and one of the trees looked like it was glowing.


This tree around the corner from is has been beautifully bright since mid-September.


These burning bushes between our yard and our neighbor’s driveway are positively scarlet right now.

051 IMG_7491

Just like spring, fall in Oregon is a protracted experience.  One group of trees bursts into flame, brilliant, then the leaves fall to the ground just as another tree begins it’s seasonal spectacle.


One of the things I really enjoyed last year was that there are so many group plantings that turn colors together.


And of course there’s always the delight of seeing trees that are only partially turned—for some reason that entertains me every time.


It’s a nice consolation that if I’m missing North Carolina and it’s beautiful autumn weather, at least I’m enjoying a lot of beauty here.


  1. Gorgeous! We are having a less spectacular fall this year because we had a REALLY really wet summer. I LOVE that around the corner tree, it's amazing! And I hear you on the groups - all the trees over by the Timp temple are stunning right now because they're all the same.

  2. I can't even look at these. Not because I'm needing beauty in my life, but because it's looking like I may never live in a place with a fall...