Saturday, November 23, 2013

Proud Mama Moment

Jared wanted to play football this fall.  Given the recent research on football and traumatic brain injury we nixed that idea.  (Although it was just pointed out to me that with our family history his brain would probably be fine at football…if he was going to get a concussion it would be while he was alone in the wilderness, dependent on the kindness of passing strangers!)  He decided instead that he wanted to try wrestling.

On the first day of practice this week they announced that in addition to the $100 fee the boys would need to sell at least $100 worth of raffle tickets each.  There was an option to pay another $75 instead of selling the tickets, but since he also needs shoes, a mouth guard, and something to protect him from the dreaded cauliflower ear (???) I told him he’d need to sell the 10 tickets.  I even bought the first one.

Yesterday he came home from practice with the tickets and paperwork.  He told us that he was going to go out and sell at 10AM this morning, before anyone else had hit our neighborhood.  This morning he walked around practicing his door approach, nervous but determined.  We talked about where he would go, and I suggested that after he had done one end of our street he should come back and tell us how it had gone.  Much to my surprise he was back within 10 minutes, telling us that he had found 4 families not at home, two had said no, and two had bought tickets.  He was so excited, and so was I.

After a snack he went back out.  An hour later he burst back into the house, announcing to everyone who would listen, “I sold them all!” 

I was sure I hadn’t heard him right.  (Or that he was pulling my leg—a frequent occurrence with Jared.)  But no—that is what he had said.  He showed me on google maps how far he’d gone (not very) to sell the last 7 tickets.  He was stoked.IMG_7872

And do you know what?  I am too.  I know what a big deal it is to go door to door and do something like this.   Way to go Jared!!



  1. Way to go Jared!!! (I love that fist bump with dad shot)

  2. And of course, my first thought it "What a great missionary he'll be!"
    Except by the time he's a missionary, missionaries probably won't knock doors. They'll do it all by twitter!