Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dermatology, I am loving it!

You know how our deductible has been, shall we say, MET?!?  Well we are trying to take care of any other medical stuff that we need to before the year is up.  Last week Russ went to get all of his moles checked, and this week was my turn.

I sat on the table in my hospital gown and the physicians assistant asked me if I had any moles that were bothering me.  I mentioned that there was something at the nape of my neck (what there was I could not say as I have never seen the thing) that from time to time gets irritated.  She looked at it and said, “Oh, we can slice that right off; make it flat.”

I showed her the odd spots that had appeared on one of my hands and she grabbed the can of liquid nitrogen.  Bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz.  “We’ll just freeze those right off.”

Then she came around to the front of me and started looking at my face.  She looked closely at this red bump I’ve had under my right eye for about 20 years and said “we can zap that with the laser.” 

It was only then that the light bulb turned fully on.  She was good for more than analyzing all of the little freckles and moles on my skin.  She could FIX things!!  As she was looking at the bump under my eye I asked, “Can you do anything about this bump on my nose?”  “Sure,” she said, “We can slice that one off too.”

A few shots of lidocaine later and I had been frozen, sliced, lasered, and sliced again.  Now I’ll be wearing a bandaid on my nose for the next few days, and the kids have already told me that it looks strange.  But hey—after that, all my annoying skin things will be gone!

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