Sunday, November 10, 2013

Garden Notes

It was definitely an uneven year for my garden.  The early heatwave bolted all of my lettuces before we had even begun to eat them.  I got carried away with the tomatoes, ending up with about 14 (!!!) plants in a household with 1.75 tomato eaters.  They were delicious, until early September rains caused them all to split and mold.  (Welcome to Oregon!)  Here are pictures from the tomato forest late in the season, and one of the hummingbird that liked to hang out in it after tanking up on nectar.


I learned the hard way that I didn’t plant enough peas or enough beans, though Rachel did enjoy eating every pea that appeared on the vines.


I also learned that while the tomato forest thrived, plants planted in un-amended soil (where there was recently a rhododendron) definitely didn’t.  Poor me—I love summer squash so much and got almost none.  Next year my plan is to try straw bale gardening in this area.  I love that because our house is built on the lot line on the south side of our lot, we have a nice sized side yard on the south side. 


Russ tore out all of the tomatoes yesterday, and I will miss their foliage outside the dining room window.  In future seasons I might plant some winter flowers in the garden beds, but this winter we need to add another layer to them so for now they are just bare.

As we were finishing our work in the yard yesterday (which for me meant tearing out some shrubs to freecycle and planting more tulips) I realized that I needed to harvest the potatoes.  I’d planted them in 2 unused containers when I ran out of room in my raised beds, thrown dirt on them from time to time early in the season, and then forgotten them.  I was pretty sure they wouldn’t have produced any potatoes at all.  Much to my surprise, this is what I ended up with—a nice bowl full of purple potatoes!


Russ chopped them up and roasted them to go with dinner tonight.  They were…very purple.


The insides were even more purple—this picture has the roasted edge torn off.


They were delicious—the flavor was really nice.   But I must say, they didn’t look quite right with catsup!


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