Saturday, November 30, 2013

My kind of books

Through the years I have often jotted down a quote or two from books I have read, but a while ago I decided that I wanted to work harder at doing this.  I started putting little slips of paper in books as I read them to mark things I really liked, then going back afterwards and typing up these bits and keeping them in one place.  Recently though I read two books that have challenged my system.


When Cindy Lynn told me to read the first one, saying that she thought I would like it, I didn’t realize that it would be a book that would feel like it was pretty much written about my own life.  I just finished reading the author’s second book and it seems like a forecast of my next decade, again filled with beautiful thoughts and ideas. 

Here’s the problem, though.


I mean really—that’s just way too much to type out!  Maybe there really are some books that are meant to be owned…

And while I’m talking about books that are really meant for me, I picked this up for the library on a whim the other day. 


Within just a few pages I had an epiphany—“I AM a minimalist parent!”  I’m not weird!  (Well I am, but for other reasons.)  I’m not just a spoilsport.  I’m not unconcerned about my kids’ lives.  I’m just a minimalist.  And there are other people out there like me.  What a relief…

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  1. Haven't read minimalist parenting, but I have a feeling it will be validating to me too! Also- just a few hours ago I was thinking how much I'm dreading doing the gingerbread house with my kids this year bc I accidentally bought a kit with the house not put together yet. I thought about you and your annual contest with your kids and just felt so exhausted:).