Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First Big Renovation Project

We’ve done it.  Started our first big rennovation project.  One that has made every child in our house very sad…but I just had to do it. 

Those walls full of glass in the entry are history. 

2 entry (2)

I probably never did get a good picture that showed the full glory of that wrap around wall and ceiling of smoky glass, darn it. 

It was a cool place to put our Christmas tree this year—nothing like seeing 3 trees instead of 1!


If we had been running a dance studio those mirrors would have come in handy, and everyone could check their clothes there.


But the fact was, the mirrors were very dark in an already dark part of the house.  So I offered Josh $100 to take them down.  In the end Russ & I were both worried that they would come down in shattered dangerous shards, so Russ helped him.  And we prepped the entry as if we were painting black paint with a paint sprayer.  Plus covered the floor with layers of flattened packing boxes.


Russ worked up high,


and Josh was down lower with goggles and a mask.


In the end, in what I consider a monumental tender mercy, everything came down pretty easily.  Even the piece from the ceiling, once Russ scored it to break it.

And here is what we are left with.


Already the entry seems much lighter (which I expected) and much smaller (which I did not.) 

I think that once we’re used to the more finite space, we won’t regret it.  At least I won’t…now to get someone to fix the wall!


  1. Looks good...big project! Pinterest has a corner bookshelf...reverse of yours..but, interesting!

  2. Impressive...though think of the zumba classes you could have held in front of those mirrors... :)