Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On a Clear Day…

One of my friends had mentioned that one day in the first year she had lived in Oregon she came over a hill on a very clear day and was startled by the fact that she could see 5 volcanoes in the distance.  I don’t know which ones she could see, but when it was nice and clear on Sunday recently and we had already had our afternoon naps and nothing else was on our schedule right then, I persuaded Russ to go for a Sunday afternoon drive with me.

It was lovely out.  The sky was bright & blue, the sun was starting to lower in the west, and everything was (as seems to always be the case in this part of Oregon, anyway) green.

The first thing we saw, while scouting out a place from which to view volcanoes, was this beautiful view.

winter drive (1)

Isn’t that lovely?  And then we finally found it—a place to see the mountains.  I hadn’t taken my long lens with me (what was I thinking??) and so I only took the easiest picture.  But we did see 4 volcanoes—Mt. St Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Jefferson.  (The first 2 are in Washington, the others in Oregon.) 

I can tell that Mt. Hood is going to be one of my favorite sights.  It’s a picture perfect volcanic mountain 100 miles from where we live, but because it’s 11,000 feet high, on a clear day you can see it nicely from many places in and around Hillsboro.  I was envious of all of the homes with this view that Sunday…

winter drive (7) p


  1. Wow- beautiful! I never got a point where Mt. Ranier popping into my view didn't take me by surprise- and when we would fly home from somewhere, I loved seeing it through the plane window. Then I knew why Eric had always teased me about the Appalachians being hills:).

  2. VERY pretty! Crossing my fingers for more clear days for you!