Saturday, February 23, 2013

Can you be TOO green?

I say YES!


The kids were just having an argument in the other room.  At first I just heard the sound of arguing, I had to focus in to figure out what the argument was about.

“I think they’re real!”

“No they’re not, that’s gross!”

and then

“Mom, are the spiders and scorpions in Creepers yoyos real???”


Well fortunately moms in this day and age have access to Google which answers a multitude of questions.  And THIS is what we learned.


But it was the next part that really gave me pause…



Sustainably farm raised?????

Is there such a shortage of spiders that the yoyo company needs to raise their own?  Wouldn’t they be doing the world a service if they scavenged them from the surrounding areas instead?  Like people’s houses??



  1. Can I tell you that the google commercial with the mom reading Curious George to her kid makes me feel like the worst mom in the world because I would get mad if my kids blew bubbles in their milk? I think you, your kids, and their spider yo-yo's would make a way better google commercial:)