Sunday, February 17, 2013

In Dreams

Russ’s boss came back to work this week after an 8 week sabbatical.  We’ve looked forward to this moment with mixed feelings.  With his boss gone Russ’s workload (already unmanageable) was almost doubled, but his work atmosphere was much more pleasant.  Sure enough, at the end of the boss’s first day back Russ looked like he had been horsewhipped—beaten down by a barrage of criticism about the decisions that he had made in his boss’s absence. 

That night I had an odd dream; I dreamed that I met with the wife of Russ’s co-worker and we sat at a picnic table at a park and talked about our worries about our husbands and their jobs. 

I always find it interesting when my dreams mirror my life.  Usually they are random; sometimes bizarrely so.  But every now and they they reflect what is going on in my life with an accuracy that is eerie.

Last night’s dream was an interesting combination of real life and randomness.  I dreamed that we rented a llama for the day.  When the owner came to pick it up I invited them in to use the bathroom.  Much to my surprise they went in a previously undiscovered entrance and discovered another bathroom and bedroom in our house that we had not known about.  And in my dream, my first thought was that I needed to take pictures so that I could blog about this new part of our house!


  1. I will have to email you later today bc I had a strange, but significant dream a few nights ago too. I often dream that I'm in a house I thought I knew, but there are extra rooms I you think it has something to do with being on the cusp of discovering something new about your life? Or something that was there all along, but you never noticed as important?