Friday, February 15, 2013

Lunch at Panera and best & worst lists


Monday Jan 7th was Mahon and Cindy Lynn’s last day here.  We took Josh out of school for an hour and all had lunch at Panera bread.  My desire was that we all have some time together again before CL & M flew out and it worked very well.  Since we hadn't had time to do our New Year's highs & lows before that (we were busy with LotR on New Years) we did it there at Panera.  Except for Jenna who had made a 2 page masterpiece of highs & lows all throughout the morning.  That girl is a list-making wonder, and her personality just shines through her lists.  We had a great time eating and then each sharing our lists. 

jenna list

Funny story.  On the way to the high school there is a wetland area that has a little stream going through it.  When it's rained a lot (as it has this winter) there's quite a bit of water in it.  Well a couple of weeks ago Josh told me that there was a dead beaver beside the wetland on the way to the school, and then one time when I picked him up he pointed it out to me.  So of course (because I am strange this way) every time I drive past I have to peek at it--because there is a beaver tail to look at!  Well the kids & Mahon & Cindy Lynn & I were going to pick Josh up from school to take him to lunch, and I asked if they wanted me to show them the dead beaver and of course they all said yes.  We slowed down nicely to point it out and the girls all said "eewwww" just like I knew they would.  But the funny thing was that then they put "seeing a dead beaver" on their "bad" lists for 2012!  (Although seeing the dead beaver happened on January 7th, 2013.)  And then Jared, who didn't make a "good" and "bad" list, but instead made a "pros" and "cons" list (so funny!) put "seeing a dead beaver" on his "pros" list!!  There are times that I just adore my kids and this was definitely one of them.  Panera was a good way to end our time together.


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