Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking Back at 2010

Every year on New Year’s Day we take a look back at the previous year.  We cover the table in newsprint (unless our roll runs out before the table is all the way covered), get out the markers, and each person makes a list of the best and worst things of the year.  This is at least the 13th year we’ve done this!

January 2011 007

(funny story.  Josh didn’t want to come in and participate in our review since it would cut into his xbox time.  I persuaded him that it wouldn’t take long and he ended up enjoying himself.  He offered to take the group picture, and proceeded to torture me while he was doing it.  In exactly the same way I torture my family every time I take a picture.  Like this.  “Just one more picture.  No, I don’t think that one was in focus.  Let me take another one.  Now smile, everyone, and let’s do it again.  Just one more, serious.  Except that the flash didn’t go off that time, so we need another…”  He was so funny.)


When we’re done with our individual lists we decide which things make it to the family lists.  We always have a great time together.


Here is my “best of 2010” list in photo form.


Cindy Lynn and Mahon visiting; last Christmas, this summer, and this Christmas again.

January 2010 125

Spring break; Charleston, South Carolina

Spring Break 2010 408


April 2010 572

Beach with family.


Beach with friends who feel like family.

EI 2010 2 057

This boy graduated and got a 4 year scholarship to BYU.  (Although his being gone to BYU did make my “worst” list.)

Puerto Rico 151

Going to Education week with Cindy Lynn and my sister Andra.

Utah August 2010 043


May 2010 1272

July 2010 512

Flowers on my deck.

October 2010 030

Camping with friends.

October campout 2010 003

Hcg and the new me.

October 2010 113

Dried apples.

November 2010 030

Jared’s cool bald head. (pic by Melissa)


Not pictured:

Getting my braces off again.

Cindy Lynn staying out of the hospital for an entire year.

Refinancing at a great rate.


What a GREAT year 2010 was!!!


I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that both girls’ “worst” lists included the death of Pecky, the best friend we never knew.

October campout 2010 075


PS—if you’re wondering if the first picture was accurate, and I was still in my purple pajamas at 12:38, the answer is



And just to make it a really awesome New Year’s Day, I stayed in them the whole day!


  1. It really is "A Wonderful Life"!

  2. What a wonderful idea. I love your list and the pictures to go with it. :) It is such a great idea that I would steal it. But by next year (or next month) I will probably forget about it. :) Thanks for sharing your year in review.

  3. I love it too, and what a great coincidence that Melissa did her photo shoots the same year Jared went all out for Halloween!

  4. So grateful to have been mentioned in your top ten. Perhaps it was actually the education week experience, but in that case, you would have pictured a catalog.
    I'd like to thank BYU for hosting such a fantastic event, my sister Cindy for cajoling me to attend more than one day, all the wiggly children at my house for going without me for two whole days......
    har har har.

    Love you!