Thursday, January 6, 2011

Because I am so Boring Right Now

I'd hate for you not to have anything to entertain you while I play games with Cindy Lynn on her last day here. So for your viewing pleasure. This will surprise you. Amaze you. Puzzle you. Perhaps all at the same time!


  1. I was sitting here thinking "where do you find these things?" and "huh?" when I looked behind me. Kailynn was trying to do the hand movements. Which was rather funny.

  2. I think I have seen these guys on a McDonald commercial.

  3. Ok -- not only would that be hard to do {just speaking of syncopation} but keeping a straight face the whole time?! If I could ever conquer the routine, I know I'd have to do at least 6 re-takes just because I'd crack a smile. =D Thanks for sharing... and where did you find this?