Thursday, December 6, 2012

the Stomach Situation

Since this blog is meant to be a history of sorts for me, I thought I’d write a little about what’s going on with my stomach.  Feel free to ignore it.

I was really careful with what I ate for a couple of weeks after my lovely night in the ER.  After about two weeks I stopped taking the 2nd zantac (at dinner) and was still doing ok.  I even added back in some sugar and chocolate, though I was careful to avoid ibuprofen and caffeine.  (So sad—those are two of my favorite things, especially together.)  I had to be careful to keep food in my stomach, but things seemed to be ok.

And then came Thanksgiving.  The problems wasn’t so much from Thanksgiving dinner—I was careful, I didn’t eat too much, and I felt fine.  I think the problem started a few hours later when we had a meal made entirely of pie…way too much sugar for whatever it is that’s going on in my stomach.  My annual post-Thanksgiving pie breakfast just added insult to injury, and I spent the rest of the weekend with intermittent stomach pain.  By Sunday afternoon it was pretty bad and I spent the afternoon sitting in bed eating saltines.  Since then it’s been anyone’s guess.  I did learn with some certainty the other morning that hot sausage is not a good idea,  and earlier this week that fasting is not a good idea, but I felt terrible for several hours this morning and I have no clue why.  (Is 9:30 really too late to eat breakfast?)  All I can say is thank goodness for tums, and that I am glad that I have a good supply of percocet & phenergen should the need arise

It’s frustrating that there are no real answers.  There are not even easy tests to get real answers.  I could get a doctor to treat me for an ulcer based on symptoms, but at this point I’m not convinced that’s what it is, and I hate to take a bunch of antibiotics for no reason.  So for the time being I’ll just keep watching what I eat, and paying attention to what seems to make me feel bad, and hope like crazy that it never gets completely out of control again like it did before. 


  1. Any chance it could be triggered or exacerbated (I think that's the right word!) by your water?

  2. Sausage=spicy+greasy=very bad!

    Definitely try those papaya enzymes... I think they might help you a bit. Have you been eating a lot of yogurt? I imagine loading your system with probiotics wouldn't hurt....

    Sorry it's on-going and frustrating though!