Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Boxing Day

Russ woke me at 9:15 this morning (I love Nyquil!) to tell me that we had to leave for the movie in 30 minutes.  About 45 minutes later we loaded in the van and drove 30 minutes to a super-big screen theater where we had groupons that we were going to use to see the Hobbit.  We loved it, though my eyes were tired by the end from the 3D. 

We got home about 3, ate some lunch, and at 3:30 I told Russ that we should have a nap.  When I woke up it was almost 5 and pitch black outside.

Awesome, I thought.  Perfect way to spend Boxing Day.  Sleep, movie, sleep some more.  Tomorrow and the next day and the next there will be time for getting things done, but today, just rest.

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  1. Minus the movie, that was pretty much my day too, and it was lovely. If we get the OK to come see you guys today we might be in a world of hurt though, since we haven't done ANYTHING to prepare yet, LOL!