Thursday, December 20, 2012

It’s all in your perspective

Every morning for the past 13 days I have started my day with 1/2 cup of coconut water.  I’ve had it at room temp.  I’ve had it chilled.  I’ve had it with and without a straw.  And each and every time, I have been, shall we say, less than thrilled with the taste.

Let’s face it.  Coconut water tastes bleh.  I tell Russ that it’s not like drinking sweat.  Not that I’ve ever had a drink of sweat, and sweat is surely saltier than coconut water which is not quite salty and not quite sweet either.  Just bleh.

[Now I must interject here and say that in this 13 days of drinking coconut water I have had almost NO stomach problems, and I think the two times I have had problems can be directly linked to the stress of playing for the elementary school choir concert—though I played acceptably—and eating soup that was just too spicy.  So I will be the first to admit that it seems to be making a big difference.  If only it tasted better.]

This morning I came into the kitchen to get my zantac and my coconut water.  After I took the zantac I remembered that I’ve slacked off on my vitamin D for a few days and so I decided to take that too.  (I’m hoping it helps with the seasonal depression that is so common in the pacific northwest.)  We have a liquid vitamin D from costco.  It is pretty tasty—Jared would drink it if I’d let him, but I tell him no, the dose is just 1 teaspoon per day.  I grabbed a teaspoon from the drawer, reached into the fridge, pulled out the bottle, shook, poured, and swallowed.

And as I swallowed if I could have shouted I would have been saying something like “YOWZA, what the heck was that????”  Cause it surely wasn’t yummy vitamin D.

I looked back down on the counter at the bottle I’d just set down and then the light dawned.  It wasn’t the vitamin D.  (of course)  In the first day or two after my agonizing night in the Emergency Room, I’d gone to Whole Foods in search of Some Things That Would Help My Stomach.  And one of the things I’d come home with was a bottle of liquid aloe vera spiked with other herbs and bearing the label “pleasant peppermint flavor.”  Well I will tell you, there was nothing pleasant or peppermint about the flavor, and I was supposed to drink 1/4 c. several times a day.  So yeah, I haven’t been taking that one.

But as I stood there trying to rinse the flavor of the aloe vera juice out of my mouth this morning, I had the thought “hey, that coconut water really isn’t too bad after all, is it?”  I mean…it could definitely be worse!  Maybe this will help me start liking it better…

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  1. LOL!!! So sorry. Hey, at least you didn't accidentally take your husband's excedrin migraine in the middle of the night! (The other night I asked Mahon if he had any tylenol and he was like, "No, but I do have some tylenol-shaped pills! ;))

    Could you put the coconut water in something else, like a smoothie?