Friday, December 21, 2012

So much miscellany

1.  We’ve all had some pesky cold/cough.  The boys were home from church/school several days.  Russ had it last week.  I came home from church feeling pretty bad but felt much better by Monday, then not as good again yesterday.  Only Jenna seems to have escaped it entirely.

2.  On Thursday the kids went to school and stayed at school.  They went in their pajamas because it was “pajama day.”  They called once they were there and asked if they could stay for the pajama/reading/movie day.  They were entirely thrilled about it, and seem not to realize that as homeschoolers they have experienced any number of pajama/reading days in their lives.  At first I thought them staying at school all day would make my life easier, but that was laughable.  I’d already gotten up early to finish up the teacher gifts.  Then there came the call to ask if they could stay, and to say that they all needed their books and lunches.  So I got to round up books and make three lunches.  (They usually make their own lunches—I’m not used to doing that.)  After I’d delivered those to school and returned home I got a text from a friend helping in the classroom—Rachel needed her pillow pet, please.  By 10:30 I’d been to the school twice already.  They really did have a fun day—I love that the entire school gathered in the (hot) gym and sang Christmas songs together, and then they all watched Polar Express.  Though they only got through half of it…

3.  Teacher gifts.  We’ve never really had a teacher to give gifts to, so my kids were all jazzed at the idea of giving something to their teachers.  After doing a little bit of research online and thinking about it, I decided that one thing which seemed like it would be appreciated and we could manage (emotionally and financially) was to make home made whole wheat bread.  I also made a big batch of honey butter and added in a little peppermint extract as an experiment.  The kids were so happy to get to give their teachers something.  They even took something for the music/choir teacher (who we’ve spent a lot of time with this month) and then because I couldn’t leave anyone out, the PE teacher.  Rachel said the PE teacher was very surprised and appreciative.  I’m guessing she doesn’t get thought of as often, so it made me glad that we did it. 


4.  I still haven’t started the girls’ Christmas dresses.  That doesn’t bode well for me. 

5.  For the record, I clearly had NO idea how much time it takes to send out 100 Christmas cards/letters.  None whatsoever.  They are, however, done and delivered to the post office as of 4:52 yesterday afternoon.

6.  My kids have been far less interested in cleaning the house this morning than I had hoped.  I think I always have this fantasy that they will be aware that we have let things slide (sick/busy/school) and will be willing to dig in and deal with what we’ve ignored.   Not so much, though—it’s been a lot like pulling teeth except with less blood.

7.  Someone brought us “Secret Santa” treats 4-5 nights in a row.  First I’m super glad that it wasn’t freezing outside because I would hate for some kind person to slip on our super-slippery-when-frozen bridge and end up in the pond just because they were trying get away; fast.  Second, I’m not quite sure how to feel about being Secret Santa-ed.   Does someone think we need extra cheer this year?  They’re probably right, but truth be told I’m not sure I’m willing to be cheered.  I’m working on it.  The kids, on the other hand, were delighted and now they are dying to “ding dong ditch it” to take treats to everyone we know.  I see another batch of bread & honey butter in my future.

8.  At our library here (which I really love, and is less than 10 minutes from my house) not only can you self-check out your books, but you can pay your fines while you’re doing it.  How’s that for high tech?  Next thing you know they’ll be trying to give me cash back at the library too.  I’m still kind of bothered every time they offer me cash back at the post office…


9.  It’s surprisingly hard to decorate our new house.  In the other house we knew exactly where everything went and how it went there.  Here it’s a whole new ball game.  The tree is up, the stockings are actually hung this year (we can do it on this fireplace because we don’t have a mantel), but not much more than that.  I’d say I’m working on it but that would be an exaggeration.  Possibly even a gross exaggeration.  Something had better happen though, because the boxes have been out for days and they’re starting to make me seriously crazy.


10.  My visiting teacher brought me a poinsettia for my birthday.  (I do not particularly like poinsettias, but I do like my visiting teacher, and I would have accepted it graciously either way.)  It is still alive.  I count that a major (MAJOR) victory.


  1. We are in the same boat- and I'm figuring that it's been a rough year all around, and what we really need this Christmas is to be nice to ourselves and have a little fun together, so I'm not going to stress. This is as of ten minutes ago when I almost had a mental breakdown because of a completely self-created exhausting day of making a huge dinner for friends tonight. What was I thinking? So, packages are going to arrive in January, only some neighbors are going to get gifted, no cards will be sent, and the presents are going to be hastily wrapped for the kids- oh well.

  2. also- I LOVE your knitted stockings!

  3. So out of curiosity - do you think the kids wish they were going to school full time, or are they happy with the half and half?