Monday, December 24, 2012

My girls

My girls sang in a quartet Sunday in church—a sweet song called “Little One” published many years ago in a church magazine.  They did such a good job and were so lovely—my heart swelled with pride and love and it was all I could do not to cry.  I am such a lucky mom.

I wish I had a picture.  They looked all grown up with their hair pulled back and each wearing a pair of my dangly Christmas earrings.  Of course if I had a picture, you’d see that they were wearing last year’s (still super-beautiful) Christmas dresses.  And then you’d know that I must have decided that I agree with Pres. Uchtdorf, and think that some sacrifices are foolish.  (I could have finished the new dresses, but I estimated that it would have taken me until 2AM Sunday morning, and I know that my estimates are usually way on the optimistic side.  So I decided at 9pm to put it all down and walk away.)

While I’m talking about my girls, I have two funny stories that I wanted to make sure to record.  First, Rachel.

I went to see the last Twilight movie a few weeks ago with a friend in the ward.  When I got home, Rachel was waiting with her questions.  Did I like it?  And more importantly, when could she see it?  I told her that I’d never given it a thought, and I had no idea how old she’d have to be before I’d let her see any of the Twilight movies.  And then she said,

“I have, I’ve thought a lot about movies I can’t watch!”

Funny, funny girl.


Now Jenna.

We were waiting in a line somewhere talking about Survivor.  The kids know I watch it every week, and they watch it often enough that they know how it’s played and often who the contestants are.  Jenna said how cool it would be to be on Survivor, and I said what I always say—that I could never be on Survivor, because I can’t handle going without sleep and food.  Then she said,

“Well mom, if I grow up and get on Survivor and get to the ‘Loved One’s Challenge’ I hope you don’t mind if I invite Rachel instead of you.  I mean, you’ll be pretty old.  And Rachel is just awesome!  And I’ll bet she’d be pretty athletic too…”

No problem honey…just that my only shot at ever being on Survivor just went right down the drain…


[For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, towards the end of every season on Survivor they have an episode where one family member for each contestant comes to participate in a challenge with the contestants.  Clearly, you will never see me there.  Not that I’m bitter or anything.]

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