Friday, December 28, 2012

When in Rome…

So something interesting.  People in Hillsboro really love their Christmas lights.  I couldn’t tell you exactly how many homes in Durham had outside lights, but I think that a lot more people have them here. In some places it’s almost every house.  I’d guess that it’s because when it’s dark at 4:30pm, so there’s just so much more of the night to enjoy the lights!

I’d really always wanted outside lights, but our roofline in NC was SO HIGH and just straight so it wouldn’t have been too exciting anyway.  But here—here it was doable.  And Josh needed to earn some money so I had a willing worker.

I’m already scheming to figure out how to get lights on the upper roofline, but since the roof is tile and you’re not allowed to walk on it, that gets much trickier.  So who knows.  But I have definitely enjoyed what lights we do have.

  DSC_3139 p

Our neighbor across the street has his house decorated with red and white lights, which I’ve never seen before and are terribly cute.  I’d copy in a heartbeat if it wouldn’t be so obvious, being across the street and all.


One thing that is interesting is that so many of the lights are just as straight as little soldiers.  I didn’t realize until we bought ours that the lights have clips on them to keep them in place perfectly.


I should say just so you know that the rest of these houses aren’t in our neighborhood—Russ & I just went for a drive the other night.

I love it when people have lights on all of their rooflines, esp when they have a lot of different rooflines!




Some people really go all out.  The craziest one is over by the seminary building, but we didn’t go over there when I had a camera with me.


Even the city gets in on it.  This is a picture of the Hillsboro Stadium.  (taken from the freeway @ 55mph)  It’s huge and really neat to see all lit up.


And here is my favorite house to see.  It is a darling house anyway, and they decorate it just perfectly for Christmas.


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