Sunday, October 28, 2012

Twas the best of weekends, twas the worst of weekends…

The Best:

We started our weekend proving that we are true Oregonians: Russ was given tickets to the Portland Timber’s soccer game yesterday in downtown Portland.  (A nice perk from Intel to their new employees—tickets, food, and some Timber’s bucks for souvenirs.)  We knew that the forecast called for rain so everyone put on their new long johns and we brought jackets and waterproof ponchos as well.  It was funny to see everyone around us pull out all of their rain gear too.  Oh—and our food people also had cloths for us to wipe our wet seats off with!  And we did indeed watch the game in the rain. 
photo 1(4)

I never thought I’d see anything to rival the Cameron Crazies, but I have to say that the Timbers Army (see their banner on the far end of the stadium?) gave them a run for their money.  They were seriously singing for the ENTIRE game.  Many of them had flags—some big Timbers flags, and some big yellow flags with what I’m assuming were player numbers on them.  They were still going strong long after the game was over.

Another cool thing we saw happened during the singing of the National Anthem.  Apparently at Timber’s games the National Anthem is a group sport.  Watch the crowd in the distance between the two guys in the front.

At the end of every line of singing, everyone waved their scarf.  (And there were a LOT of scarfs.)  Then at the end, everyone cheered and kept waving.  It was very beautiful to me.

Because our “gift package” included Timebers bucks, and because the store had  a lot of end of season sales going, everyone was able to get something.  Jared got a super hat, Josh got a jacket and hat, Rachel got a shirt, and Jenna got a hoodie and hat.  Unfortunately the team store was so crowded that we spent the entire 2nd half in it—I was kind of bummed about that. 

The Worst:

After last Sunday’s bout with stomach pain and nausea, my stomach had hurt off and on all week.  It had started feeling worse Friday morning, and by the time we were at the Timbers game it was pretty bad.  I kept eating tums all throughout the game but it didn’t help at all.  Fortunately we made it home (but only barely) before I started throwing up again.  Both the throwing up and the pain got worse and worse until at 9:30 (probably an hour later than I should have decided it) I told Russ I thought I needed to go to the ER.  I truly don’t think I have ever been in such pain—it was as bad as having a baby, except that it never let up.  It was bad enough that I didn’t care that they couldn’t get an IV in.  I was literally begging the nurse to give me something to make me feel better.  They eventually gave me delaudid and zofran in my IV, and after a while I started feeling better.  Boy was that a relief!!  Then we had to wait a long time for the ultrasound tech to come in.  I was sure that I had gall stones or kidney stones, but everything looked fine.  The doctors decided that what I have is gastritis, an inflammation of the lining of the stomach.  Once they told me what I wasn’t supposed to eat, I realized that from Friday night to Saturday afternoon almost EVERYTHING I’d eaten was bad for my stomach.  (spicy chili, chocolate, chocolate, cheese, caffeine, ibuprofen, and more chocolate.) I guess that’s why it got so bad. 

We finally left the ER about 3AM, armed with a dose of phenergen that I was guaranteed not to vomit, a bunch of prescriptions, and directions to take zantac 2s a day.  Thanks to the phenergen I slept the entire day—from 3:30AM until 4:00PM.  I needed that. 

I’m not used to having to pay a lot of attention to what I eat, but hopefully I can get the hang of this so that I can get over this.  I don’t ever want to feel like that again!


  1. Ouch! Glad you're okay! Kind of scary!

  2. Oh how scary, Cindy! Makes me think that maybe I need to crack down on myself and my terrible diet....which could be described as "the best of foods and the worst of foods". I'm pretty sure the checkout people laugh at me when they see my cart full of Kale and twinkies.

    I hope you feel better soon and can leave this awful thing behind!

  3. Oh that stink! Feel better soon!