Monday, October 22, 2012

Oregon Weather (right now, anyway)

I would have given anything to have a camera with me on Saturday.  I was canning applesauce at the home of a friend in the ward and somehow I just didn’t expect to need a camera.  Anyway, we had already been talking about the Oregon skies and how they change so quickly.  Then I looked out of her kitchen window…

To the left the sky was an angry looking dark grey.  Then in the middle there was a vertical band of lighter grey.  And on the right—a bright and sunny blue sky.  It was crazy to look at—all of that out of one medium sized window.  A few minutes later it was grey and raining everywhere.

This afternoon it was sunny in front of our house and cloudy in our back yard.  Then it rained hard in our front yard and never in our back!

Maybe our new slogan is going to be

Oregon Weather, always an adventure!


  1. Hey, sounds like here! I've noticed that living right by the mountains gives us some REALLY odd weather patterns. Sometimes it will be bright blue and sunny everywhere... but this huge cloudbank clinging to the mountains! Or yesterday, it never rained here but I could see this sickly-looking storm over the mountains all day. It kind of looked like the apocalypse rolling in! It was so weird.

  2. I love the weather in the northwest! Is sure different from the Arizona weather, growing up.

  3. That is actually why I didn't mind the rain there. It seemed like you had moments of sun peek through every day.

    Now in Ohio it got gray and it was that way ALL winter. Very depressing.