Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Foster Child

Last winter the kids started a pet care business in our neighborhood—a great way to bridge the gap between “we want pets” and “mom and dad don’t want pets.”  I promised them that as soon as we were back from our trip this summer they could put out fliers in our apartment complex advertising their business again. 

So far we’ve had only one response, but a very positive one.  Meet Mia, our new family member.


Mia’s owner was just getting ready to start a full time job, and was worried about Mia, a rather anxious mini-daschund, being home alone all day.  We all hit it off quickly and she hired the kids to come over every afternoon, walk Mia for a few minutes, and bring her to our apartment (and now our house) to hang out for a while.  It’s a win-win.  For an hour or two every day we’re pet owners.  Even better than that, daschund’s are Jared’s very favorite breed of dogs.  And they get paid for their work.  Could it be any better?



  1. What a cute dog!

    We had an arrangement like that back in Seattle, and now the dog and its family live in Monterey, not too far from us, so we're planning to go visit soon.

  2. Sounds like a win win to me! Daschunds are SO NEEDY! Its shocking to me how needy they are. They all have anxiety disorders and can't be left alone. The first time we left Buddy alone to get the mail he burrowed a huge hole through the plaster and tore up the carpet. Not to mention the whinny bark we heard coming up the stairs... crazy animal. I am glad we decided to keep him. Once we figured out how to combat the anxiety with a crate, or take him with has been grand. He has so much love! I wouldn't trade him. I love that last picture. Daschunds are small but have the biggest hearts!