Sunday, November 4, 2012

Time Out

I spent my Friday night & all day Saturday (alllllll day) in Portland at Time Out for Women.  Rachel and Jenna joined me on Saturday and went to their own event, Time Out for Girls.  I’d wondered a little about going to this—it seemed a little pricey, especially once I was taking them too.

Let me just say: totally worth it.

Let me also say: just what I needed right now.

Let me also also say: if I had started crying while watching this it would have been the very ugly cry.  Glad I was able to stay in control. 

Thanks to my friend Jennifer who drove down from Seattle to go with me, and to my ward friends who went with us.  (Even if they forgot to look at the camera.)


It was wonderful.

And check this out.


My girls with Carmen Rasmussen, previous American Idol contestant!

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