Saturday, November 10, 2012

Great Saturday

As the day is (swiftly) winding down I figured that after my whiney post this morning I owed it to…someone or something…to record the fact that today was just a fantastic day.

When I woke up (after sleeping as late as I could) Russ had breakfast burritos ready.  Yum, yum.  I sat on the couch beside him and ate while he watched the first of many football games.  When I was done eating I picked up my computer and just did whatever I wanted for the next couple of hours.  Whiney blogging, email, pinterest, words with friends, facebook, a resolution to stop talking about politics, and finally I had done everything I could think of to do.  I was almost embarrassed every time Jared came in with his friend and I was still sitting on the couch in my pink striped pajamas…almost, but not quite.

At two Russ declared it was nap time and I decided he was right.  I woke from my nap unexplainably energized, got up and got all sorts of things done.  Multiple loads of laundry folded, apples boiled to make more applesauce, a few things moved around, a little more unpacking.  Russ mobilized the kids to sweep and blow the leaves again and I baked up a few cookies for the workers.  Before I knew it it was dinnertime.  Then I ran the apples through the strainer, put the applesauce in the fridge, and Russ & I left for our date.

For our date we met up with some friends at an old hotel in a nearby town where we sat and talked, then found an empty meeting room and played games.  The games were good and the conversation was better, and after I confessed to feeling sad about eating Thanksgiving dinner alone they called later to say they’d come eat turkey with us instead of going camping.

There aren’t a lot of days in life where there really are no demands, and where I get to do just about what I feel like doing.

It was awesome.


  1. Dear Jason's Mom,

    My name is Alyssa Kekauoha and I was wondering if you could email him something from me? I got my mission call this week and I really want him to know instead of having to wait a month to know and by then I'll be moved out of my apartment and back home to California. Can you tell him for me please? I got called to the Minnesota Minneapolis mission and I report February 20th English speaking. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it and thank you for posting his emails on a blog for me to read and see how well he's doing. Thanks again!