Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nighttime visitor #2


Last night before we went to bed Russ looked outside and saw that Tiger’s food bin had been knocked over and moved to a different place on the deck.  Lacking any other structure outside to use to shelter the food, and being too lazy to put it in the garage (there is no short way from the garage to the backyard) he put it on the trampoline, where it seemed to pass the night safely.

Tonight as I was working on a project in the living room and Russ was hanging out in the family room I heard him call,

There’s a skunk in the backyard!

Of course I came running, and so did Josh.

Sure enough, there was a skunk.  After checking to see if there was food in Tiger’s bowl, it meandered the length of the deck and then hung out in the yard for a while.


There was a tense moment when it put it’s tail up in the air for a minute, but then it put it’s tail back down and continued examining the grass.  I finally got brave enough to open the door a crack so that I could take a picture with the flash.


When knew there was all of this wildlife around us!  We’re trying to figure out now what to do so that Tiger can hang out in the yard without being aggravated by critters.  Josh found a website called (and I kid you not) where we could buy coyote urine which would do the trick, however I think it would wash away too quickly.

Stay tuned…


  1. Cindy - make sure Tiger has his Rabies vacine - at least here in NC racoons and skunks along with foxes are the highest carriers of rabies. And if you ever see them in the yard, during the day, acting lethargic stay away - they are more than likely rabib (and then you would get to go through the shot series yourself!)


  2. Oh my on earth are they collecting the pee from the coyotes?!

  3. Okay so you just have to put the food away! You can't leave any outside at night at all. If you don't it won't be too long before someone gets sprayed. We have had our house sprayed 4 times, Ky once, and both dogs twice. Once the skunks/racoons realize you have food they will keep coming back. Tip always look (especially in the morning) before you open your door. Cindy can tell you about our many wild animal adventures!
    Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid soap make the best skunk remover ever!

  4. I actually knew about the large predator pee thing, since that was one of the suggestions when I was researching how to keep cats out of my garden - some places suggested getting powdered lion urine to scare the cats away!

    And Kat is right, they have had some hairy skunk experiences ;)