Thursday, November 1, 2012


I’m too tired to be all witty and clever like I usually am (come on, you know I am!) about our Halloween pics.  But here’s a quick rundown. 

Friday night was the ward Halloween activity.  The girls bought Halloween costumes this year.  (I wouldn’t make them because they didn’t know what they wanted to be—such indecision we have never before seen!)


Jenna was a bumble bee,


and Rachel was a pink monster.


I did make a costume for Jared.  He came to me with a picture that was clear and simple and I could tell that I could put it together from pieces from Goodwill.  He wanted to be Bolin, another avatar.


As part of his costume he requested that we dye his hair black, and then plan to buzz it off the next week.  Fortunately for him we found hair dye at the dollar store, which was about how much I was willing to pay for it.  Next we were off to Goodwill for the rest of what he needed.  Here is how it turned out.


Can you believe that hair?



We also had fun decorating our house a little this year for Halloween.  The girls put up spiderwebs over the garage and by the front door.


We put up little pumpkin lights by the waterfall because I was afraid some poor little kid would fall off of the bridge into the water.   (Some of the cute little kids told me how much they liked my “lake”!)


On Wednesday the girls and a friend made some Halloween lanterns for us out of some vases & glasses from goodwill.  I thought they added nicely to our décor.  (And no, I did not add that little accent onto that word myself, windows live writer just did it for me!)


The sad thing about our Halloween (in addition to missing our friends with whom we’ve had some pretty terrific Halloween parties throughout the years) was that we never did find the pumpkin carving stuff, and by the time I gave in and was willing to buy new (and full priced) every store I went to was out.  (And we’re talking 5+ stores.)  So our pumpkins sat uncarved, and I will soon turn them into pumpkin puree for a winter’s worth of pumpkin muffins.  We were also sad that our fabulous googly eye wreath never showed up either, though I have every confidence that we’ll have found it by Halloween 2014. 


Last but not least, wouldn’t you have liked to open your door to this cute set of trick or treaters on Halloween night?

trick or treat


PS…funny story, while I’m still going.  When Jared & I got to goodwill I suggested that we might be more successful in looking for jackets in the women’s section.  He was indignant at the thought of wearing women’s clothes, so we went on over to the men’s section and found what we needed.  While we were looking, I decided to play with him a little.  I said, “Jared, remember your fantastic avatar costume?  Well every part of that came from the women’s section at goodwill.  And your costume last year too.”  He was quiet for a few minutes.

IMG_9401[5]October 2010 153[4]

And then he said, “Yeah, well I guess I can see that they really don’t have too much yellow here in the men’s clothes…”


  1. 1. Did the girls really go to doors like that? If so, AWESOME! ;) Also, cute costumes - esp the bumblebee.

    2. Jared is just way cooler than I could ever be. ;) I love his hair! And here I thought Mahon was dedicated for growing his hair out for a few extra weeks so we could curl it into hobbit hair!

    3. I love all the decorations, esp the pumpkins by the stream! Very cute.

  2. You are the Halloween mother I want to be. I was pulling my hair out and almost in tears this Halloween in frustration over costumes- it seems like you either have to spend a ton of money, a ton of time, or endure a ton of guilt over your kids' costumes. This year I vowed that next year I'm going to spend 200$ on costumes because it's not worth the guilt or the time! Is this just something you love- or do you have to make yourself do it? I have lots of repressed anger towards my mom for her Halloween failures, so I really want to get it right:).

  3. P.S.- Jared's hair is awesome- I love that kid!

  4. I can't believe how grown up the triplets seem. Definitely starting to lose their "kid" look.