Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How I feel about the election…

Grateful to live in a country with so much freedom.  Thankful to live in a country with so much information available.  Super glad it’s about to be over.  (The election, not living in this country!)

Today I’m doing what I never/rarely do and copying from a post from a blog I enjoy, Middle-Aged Mormon Man.  He posted very succinctly what I feel.


The single biggest concern:

Am I letting an event such as an election damage me? Am I getting so wrapped up in something that is of no eternal significance interfere with things eternal?

In my anxiety, am I forgetting that the 2nd great commandment is to love my neighbor Am I kind to those I disagree with. Am I charitable to those who contend against me? Do I forgive those that I think are doing damage to our Nation? Am I "checking my religion at the door."  (link)

Am I still focused on the "weightier matters of the law? Judgment, mercy and faith." As Neil A. Maxwell once said, "Don't let proximate things maul ultimate things."


When I reflect on what is important, I exhale and remember that in the grand scheme of things, my life will not be impacted by who wins nearly as much as we all feel like it will.
Yes, the election might eventually impact my income, or how much a tank of gas costs. Eventually it might change my tax rates or my health care. Do you see the trend here?  All these things are about money and earthly issues.

The President of the United States of America has no power over what goes on within the walls of my home. But I do. Foremost, will I allow the battle for control of an earthly kingdom steal away my happiness? I hope not.

Wednesday morning, I will still get up and read scriptures with my family. We will pray together. The kids will leave for school, I'll go to work, and life will go on as normal. My top priorities in life will be exactly the same as they are today. What God expects of me will not change.

So I need to take a deep breath, put it all in perspective. Come what may, and love it.


[Except let’s be real folks, you know I’m not getting up in the morning to read scriptures with my kids, we’ll be doing that in our house after dinner.  And all of my work will be done here in our home.  But other than that, what he said…]

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