Thursday, November 29, 2012

Everything’s coming up roses.


Yesterday morning I finally found a phone number to call about my speeding ticket.  I was hoping to figure out how to take care of it without having to drive 1+ hour each way.  I finally spoke with someone who listened to my story, decreased the amount of the fine, and told me how to pay online.  I was so happy just to have it done.  And they never even asked for my drivers license number.  I decided that I could wait until today to go and get my license.  (A reprieve from fixing my hair!)

This morning I got up, got ready, and headed to the DMV about 9:45.  When I got there I was THRILLED to see that there were hardly any cars in that part of the parking lot.  Inside there was no line at the desk to take a number—I just walked right in and got one.  Within 10-15 minutes they called my number and I went back to take the test.

I had taken a practice test online at least six times, and was really hoping that that combined with reading half of the driver’s manual was enough to pass the test.  It had 35 questions and if I missed 8 I would fail.  Halfway through I had missed four and I was feeling a little stressed.  Then I got about 10 right in a row and relaxed a little…until I missed two more.  I felt stressed again, knowing that I could only miss one more.  Finally I got to the 34th question and got it right, which meant that even if I missed the 35th I would still passed.  The computer told me I’d passed the test and I was done.  Done! 

I still had to wait around a little while longer, first for more paperwork and then to get my picture taken.  It was then that the biggest miracle of the day happened—or my favorite miracle, anyway.

First of all there was no mirror to use anywhere before I got my picture taken, so I was worried that my hair was all crazy looking and I would never know about it. And I had to sit there to get my picture taken for so long—I think the guy must have counted backward from 5 or 6.  My smile started to feel totally strained and I was sure that when he finally took it I blinked.  But when he showed me my temporary card, this is what I saw:

IMG_4599 edited

The picture actually turned out good! 

And then, to add to my already good day, I got to play a song for the 3rd grade choir that I was actually capable of playing, and after that some friends took  me to Panera  for a birthday lunch.  And then I got to take a nap.

I wish I could bronze this day…just to be able to remember the feeling of a day where things all went well. 


PS—in case you’re wondering why I’m not wearing my glasses in the picture (or maybe you’re not because you know that I never wear them around the house and so they’re often not in pictures) in Oregon no one wears glasses in their drivers license pictures.  Isn’t that odd?

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  1. Isn't it funny how the best days are usually made up of such simple, silly things? And you do look great in that picture- way to go!