Friday, November 7, 2014

The Woman I Never Knew


We looked through pictures scanned from old slides one day many years ago.   Watched their story from the beginning; wedding pictures, the baby, a growing family.  Pictures of Easter finery and birthday hats and Christmas trees. 

There is a picture of her, this woman I never knew, in a smart blue suit with a jaunty hat.  I cannot fathom who she was or what she was like.  The woman I knew was so different: fretting over window treatments, slowed by health problems, and finally bound to the sofa in her last decade of life. 

In my mind I cannot bridge the gap—between the woman in the suit and the woman I knew. 

Over and over I come back to this one thing.  Whoever she has been in the years I have known her, she clearly once was someone else.  And I cannot wait to meet that person one day.



  1. I think it will be fascinating to get to know so many people for who they really are and not who I saw them to be in the paradigm I constructed for them (like 'parent' or 'teacher' or 'uncle').