Monday, November 3, 2014

Dad’s visit: day 1

In August my dad arranged to come and spend 3 days with us.  I was so excited to be able to show him some of the amazing things around us.  A few days before his trip Ramona decided to come as well, so I got to spend time with both of them.

On the first day we went with Jason to the coast.  We went to the Tillamook factory first—this time the assembly lines were all running and we watched for quite a while.  On one of the lines big pieces of cheese were cut again and again, and then weighed before being sent to be covered in wrapping and heat shrinked.  The finished product was just like what we would buy at the store.

In another big area they were storing cheese to be aged.  HUGE blocks of cheese came up through some kind of chute and then they were guided into wrapping plastic.  Again we watched and watched.  Then we bought delicious ice cream and went and had lunch at our favorite Tillamook taco truck.  (Which now has an enclosure with picnic tables for our dining comfort.) 

After leaving Tillamook we drove up the coast to Canon Beach.


Sadly the tide chart I looked at was wrong and we didn’t get to see the starfish before the tide came in.  But we went to a new place, Ecola Beach State Park, and it was beautiful.  The day was warm and NOT WINDY!!! (So unusual!)  We had a wonderful time.


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  1. I love so many of these pictures, but my favorite is the jumping reflection one. Perfect!