Monday, November 17, 2014

Part 4a: Operation Survive the Portland Winter

In the summer of 2013 my friend Lindsay’s husband started a one year fellowship in Miami.  They moved from Durham to an 11th floor apartment on the beach just north of Miami.  From the beginning I thought going to visit her would be amazing, and as she began to post incredible pictures on facebook and her blog I became determined.  I love Lindsay and I love the ocean, this would be a fantastic way to combat the depression of the long Oregon winter, and I was pretty sure I’d have enough Southwest miles to make it work.  I finally figured out when I could do it and put myself on her calendar. 

From the first moment I arrived it was an amazing 4 days.  Lindsay and I always have plenty to talk about and we talked until we were bleary every night.  It was fun to get to visit with Brian as well, and he was so kind and got me mother’s day treats since that’s when I was there.  (I must put in a plug for Russ & the kids who were at home cleaning the garage for me—quite possibly the best mother’s day gift ever.)  Lindsay was worried that I would be bothered because it was windy but instead I loved the waves the wind created. We had such a great time on the beach, in the water, in the Everglades, in the water, walking to the jetty, and in the water.  I often wished I’d brought my big camera, but other than that it was just about perfect. 

One night I woke up and looked outside and could see the biggest clouds I’d ever seen—filling the whole sky, just rushing by.  (Sorry—that didn’t photograph well.)  Another thing I wish I’d taken a video of was the palm trees in their picnic area blowing at night in the crazy wind, illuminated by lights from below. 

I loved their pool.  It was seriously almost as warm as a hot tub and was such fun to warm up in.  Of course when we had to get out and back into the wind we didn’t feel so warm anymore.

I had such a great time in Miami and am so glad I went!

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  1. I'm so glad you came, too. Though, now you've gone and made me miss Miami all over again... ;) And you.

    1. Oh, and that picture of the pelican with his head in the water!? Love it!

    2. Oh Lindsay it was cold today and I'm missing Miami too! And you, but I'm going to see you a lot sooner! ;)

      I thought the picture was just beautifully fortuitous. Totally made me happy.